Blue Luminous Earth Globe
Blue Luminous Earth Globe

Blue Luminous Earth Globe

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Surprise your family and friends by putting this beautiful and remarkable luminous globe in your home!

With this beautifulĀ luminous blueĀ globe,Ā you will stay connected to your passion for traveling from home. This luminousĀ globeĀ is impressive because it is magnetic and therefore gives the impression that it's flying through the air.Ā 

In addition to being magnetic, this globe is also luminous. Thanks to the integrated LED, this luminous globe will delicately illuminate your evenings.

There is also a non-luminous version if you prefer.

This glowing blue globe is also a great gift idea for your traveling friends. šŸŒ

Accurate and precise detailsĀ 

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Globe world map



Low energy consumption LED


Globe: 15 cm

Base: 17 cm